jueves, 23 de octubre de 2014

Audi Driver International

At Castle Combe circuit, near Swindon and Bristol (south England), every year take place one of the most important event for Audi fans.
The ADI, join the biggest Audi Clubs of UK every October.
As a member of the TTOC, I took part last year, and really enjoyed the weekend at the circuit, the VIP event at Audi Swindon and the gala dinner at Hilton Hotel with ADI awards.
Congratulations to the TTOC for the two golden awards won!

I met the owner of one of the most famous and well prepared TTs all over the world, Mr. Wak and his TT WhiTTe.
After years reading Wak's threads at TTF and visiting his web page to obtain help to my modifications, it was great to meet and talk with Mr. Wak.
You can visit his web page at: www.wak-tt.com.

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