martes, 14 de octubre de 2014

Nurburgring 2013

Die Grüne Holle

This is one of those trips that every motor enthusiasts  have to do at least once in life.
The Green Hell is one of the most famous circuits all over the world, if not the most. I was speaking for years about go, but never found the moment... until this summer...

Nurburgring is incredible, very fast with mythic curves, where you can find people driving at 60 km/h and others driving Ferraris up to 300 km/h at the same lap. I had a lot of expectations before go, and I must say that it were overcome. I could not assimilate everything I was seeing!.
My TT Quattro was fantastic on circuit, fast, stable and feels very secure. After two laps, brakes and tyres were in very good condition. What a great car, not to bad for a 13 years old car! 

We decided to stay at the Am-Tiergarten hotel, owned by Sabine Schmitz family with the famous restaurant Pistenklause. This restaurant is decorated with pictures of famous drivers and car parts. You can eat here his famous stone meat and drink a very good weissbier.

A trip not to forget!

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