lunes, 20 de octubre de 2014

Why this blog dedicated to my TT?

I never thought what it would mean this car to me when I bought it  brand new in 2000.
Fourteen years later, I can't enumerate how many friends and amazing trips I done thanks to this iconic car.
On this blog, I'll try to show you all the most significative trips, events and histories, and of course the modifications and specifications of my TT.

What about me? Not much...Man, 39 years old, happily married with two marvellous daughters.

In resumen...

I Bought my new TT in 2000 from an Audi dealer.
In 2001 I joined the TT Forum UK, in what I continue writing and comment threads.
In 2002 I joined Audi Sport Iberica Forum here in Spain where I met some TT enthusiasts.
In 2004 some of this enthusiasts, four friends and I , decided to create the Audi TT Club Spain.
Then I make some visits to the Audi Forum Madrid to present the new project to Audi.
People from Audi support the project and our Club is the first recognized by the Brand here in Spain.
I was the number one member from 2004 to 2009, when I decided leave the Club because some disagreements with the president.
Four of the five founder members leaves the Club with me.
In 2009 we founded the TourisTTrophy Club Spain. You can visit at:
In 2010 I joined the TT Owners Club from UK. One year later I became the Spanish Rep.
This is the biggest and better informed TT Club all over the world. You can visit at:

Oh! and errr... excuse my english please!

Collage of my TT history

My TT actually

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  1. En este caso se puede decir que detrás de un gran TT hay una gran historia!

    A cualquier entusiasta de los automóviles (y en concreto de los TT), le gusta conocer a mas gente que disfruta y comparte la misma pasión, y 14 años dan mucho de si, por lo que material no te va a faltar para convertir este blog en un referente para cualquier TTeTTero que se precie.

    Animos, y tocará estar atentos a las novedades! :)