domingo, 1 de marzo de 2015

Clenaing the TT

Keep clean the TT is also a hobby for me. I like to test new products and follow the advice at some detailer internet forums.
In this occasion, when the spring is close, I prepared the TT for the sunny time ;)

Washed: Sonax Glossy & Karcher pressure washer
Clay: Zaino Z-18 clay bar
Wax: Collinite Super Doublecoat Auto Wax (No. 476s)
QD: Duragloss fast clean and shine
Drying: 1z MF towel
Interior: 1z cockpit premium & Meguiar's quick interior detailer
Rubber: 1z gummi protection
Wheels: Angelwax bilberry wheel cleaner & valet Pro brush
Tires: Meguiar's endurance tire gel
Leather: Liptone GT11 leather conditioner and Gliptone GT12 leather cleaner
Glass: Grojet 2000 

Overall good result !

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